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Brittney & CJ | Bright Spring Wedding at Sunset Bluffs

January 3, 2023

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🎵 It’s a beautiful night

we’re looking for something dumb to do 

hey baby, I think I wanna marry you. 🎵

Y’all know I love to get down and dance with my couples, so when Bruno Mars came on during Brittney and CJ’s reception ya’ girl couldn’t help it! I’m not a normal photographer, I’m a cool photographer. 😎

The reception was just one part of Brittney and CJ’s wedding that was full of joy and laughter, the fun started the second I met these two crazy kids. I walked into Sunset Bluffs this spring and a smile did not leave these lips until… ya know what I think I was sleeping with a smile that night! Is that normal?

How crazy amazing is it that I can make a living off of being my creative, goofy self?!

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