Should you do engagement photos?

December 29, 2023

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Engagement portraits are more than just pretty pictures; they hold immense value for both the couple and the wedding photographer. As a professional in the field, I truly believe that engagement photos are an essential part of the wedding journey! In fact, engagement portraits are so vital that I include a pre-wedding shoot in all of my wedding photography packages. But if you’re newly engaged, you might be wondering whether or not YOU should think engagement photos are important. Here are eight reasons why I think you should definitely value engagement photos and get them taken:

Familiarity Breeds Comfort

Being in front of a camera can be nerve-wracking for many people. However, by having an engagement session beforehand, you’ll have an opportunity to overcome any camera shyness or awkwardness that may arise during your wedding day portraits. This familiarity will enable you to pose naturally and genuinely while feeling at ease.

Getting to Know Your Photographer

Engagement photos provide an excellent opportunity for you to connect with your photographer before your big day. By spending time together during the shoot, you’ll get a chance to understand their personality, see their work firsthand, and build trust with them. This connection will be invaluable on your wedding day as it allows both parties to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Learn Your Photographer’s Posing Style

You’ll become a pro at posing during your engagement session because you’ll start to familiarize yourself with your photographer’s style, ensuring that on your wedding day, you’ll know exactly what to expect and feel confident in front of the camera. – from romantic poses to playful interactions or even adventurous shots! Knowing what works well for both of you will help guide your photographer on capturing those picture-perfect moments on your special day.

Capture Beautiful Memories

Aside from getting comfortable in front of the camera, engagement sessions provide couples with stunning images that can be used throughout their wedding journey. From save the dates to wedding invitations and even personalized decor on the big day, engagement photos will add an extra touch of beauty and personalization to your overall wedding experience.

Documenting Your Love Story

Engagement portraits hold a special place in telling your unique love story. These images capture the joy, excitement, and anticipation that surrounds this beautiful moment in your life. Looking back on these pictures years later will bring back all those wonderful memories you shared during this precious phase of your relationship.

Creating a Stronger Connection

An engagement session is more than just taking photos; it’s an experience that allows couples to deepen their bond while having fun together. As a photographer, I love seeing how engagements sessions strengthen relationships by providing couples with quality time spent solely focusing on each other’s love and connection.

Artistic Expression

Engagement sessions also offer you the opportunity to showcase your creativity and personality as a couple through various locations, outfits, props, or themes – from traditional settings to unique backdrops that hold significance for both of you!

Cherish the Journey

Finally, engagement portraits serve as a reminder of where it all began – capturing this momentous chapter in your lives before becoming husband and wife is something truly special. These photographs tell not only the story leading up to “I do” but also symbolize the foundation upon which your future together will be built.

Did I convince you that engagement photos truly are more than just pretty pictures?! From building connections with photographers beforehand to feeling comfortable in front of the camera, capturing beautiful moments along with showcasing creativity – there are countless reasons why every couple should prioritize taking engagement portraits before their big day. So go ahead! Embrace this magical journey by creating meaningful memories through stunning engagement photographs that will be cherished long after the celebration has ended!


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Being a wedding photographer is all about SHOWING UP for your clients in big ways that don’t always involve a camera – fixing boutonnières, fluffing dresses, playing meteorologist in the event of rain, de-stressing aunt Karen whose freaking out about table signage (lol), or dabbing away tears to save that gorgeous face of makeup.

Honestly, over the years I've learned to approach the day as a balancing act between being proactive and stepping back. It's knowing when to step in and initiate moments to their full potential such as directing poses that make you look hella good, but also stepping back for the quiet and introspective moments when sweet granny kisses you on the cheek.

It's letting the natural, candid moments flow, and when it's time for portraits, you have an expert to direct you, guide you, and help you walk with confidence.

So if you're looking for a photographer to show up and pour 110% into you and your wedding day, to capture all these meaningful and emotional moments, to be more than just your photographer but truly a friend... then look no further cuz I'm your girl. 

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