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Madyson & Cory | Early Spring Wedding at Pebble Creek Farm

September 5, 2022

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Madyson and Cory were simply the best, so I am sorry in advance if this gets a bit gushy. Actually, you know what, I am not sorry because this gal loves her job and is not ashamed to admit it! Let the gushing commence!

Cory is a big lovable ball of fun; he was cracking me up all day. Madyson is so grounded and has the kind of presence that instantly makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I remember driving home from this reception and feeling so blessed to have seen these wonderful people come together and celebrate their love and commitment to each other. One of my favorite things about photography is capturing and preserving memories of the ones who are experiencing them. While you and I may look at this gallery, and see a stunning couple madly in love, Madyson and Cory will see, hear, smell, taste, and feel the exact moment in which it was taken.

Oh and friends, you might want to grab your shades for this one because this ring is blind-ing! 😎

Photography – Danielle Ambry Photography
Venue – Pebble Creek Farm
Hair and Makeup – Midtown Makeup and Hair/Emily Miller Makeup and Hair
Bridal Dress – Town and Country Bridal
Florist – A New Leaf and Blooms
Cake – Twin Cities Best Kept Secret

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